About Us


CG was born in 2021 when two black fathers decided to take a leap of faith and invest into a business that would grant them more time at home with their kids and families. Both owners Taqee and Lorenzo met while working as plumbers in Northern California. The two gravitated towards each other due to being likeminded, having kids around the same age, and realizing that being present for soccer games, school plays, and quality time was more important than being gone a majority of the time for a paycheck. The two came up with a plan and put some funds together to birth CG Essentials. In a world where most black fathers are deemed absent, these two risked everything just to spend more family time, even going as far as to name products after the kids. They're dedicated to empowering people to improve self care, even on the go. Self care = self confidence and confidence is key in anything you do in life.